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My First Medium Story

Here I go, writing my first Medium story, and eventually, I might get there.

My First Story on Medium, the beginning of my writing on Medium

I’ve had a Medium account for several years now. Over time, I have loved reading the exciting and thought-provoking publications, series, and stories I find here.

I’m not sure what it is about Medium. Perhaps the diversity of the authors and the types of stories?

Maybe after a short visit to Medium, I feel like I have learned something about a topic.

Now, more often than not, after reading a story on Medium, I have learned something about myself.

So what does that mean? That means that I am posting my first Medium story, and you’re reading it.

I’m sure this will be the post that is probably read the least. If any of my posts ever get read by many talented people.

Seriously, who’s going to read a post called My First Medium Story? I don’t think I would. But then again, I am curious, so maybe I would.

You read my first post on Medium if you have gotten this far. I appreciate you doing that and feel pretty humbled by your attention. So what is next for me on Medium?

Only time will tell, says my mind, which often races with thoughts. What if?

I know that one minute I’m worried about the world. The next minute I’m concerned about my future. The next minute I’m worried about what I’m going to eat next in this life called quarantine life.

With one thought, I will find myself worrying about money.

I’m getting fussy about something I have seen on the news or social media the next minute. I feel like getting my thoughts off of my chest.

So, for you, the reader that has gotten this far, I “thank you.”

If you choose to read any of my new stories in the future, please be prepared. Who knows what you’re going to get?

I will make this promise to you in advance. If you choose to read another of my stories in the future, I will try to make them entertaining.

If not for entertainment, I will ensure my stories stir your thoughts. Maybe start a conversation that we can all have here on Medium. Maybe raise awareness in both me and in you, my reader.

In the end, any writer would try to give back more than they take. You’ve given me your attention, so what else could I hope to do?

And I don’t take that attention for granted, so in closing, I will say again, “thank you.”

Have you written for Medium or shared your work on any of the many other writing platforms that are available? What was your experience, and if it has been a while, are you still writing and sharing your content there?

Why are you not if you are not writing and sharing online, and you desire to?

Post your comments, suggestions, or motivations below in the comment section.

This was my first story for Medium, originally published on June 8, 2020, so therefore, the reference to the COVID pandemic.

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