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A blog for Michael Thacker – Writer, where he shares articles he has written for Medium & other online sources. Favorite products & musings about life & living.

Worrying about COVID-19

Should I Worry About Getting COVID-19?

When do we know when we should be worried about the Coronavirus – Covid-19 In these uncertain times of the Coronavirus, we are seeing uncertainty in our country not seen since the great depression. Visiting friends, family, and loved ones is frowned upon, if you can do it at all. We’ve seen that our business meetings have moved from the board room to the Zoom room. We have seen our wealth take a hit from… Read More »Should I Worry About Getting COVID-19?

Just earned my first twenty cents Medium

I Just Earned My First $0.20 on Medium

How making, instead “earning,” twenty cents on Medium has made my day! Well, first off, let me be clear. I haven’t exactly been paid yet, but I have earned twenty cents, so that counts, right?! I already had another story written that I planned to edit this morning. You see, I had read another couple of Medium stories earlier this week that suggested always writing your story first without edits or review. Then after having written your… Read More »I Just Earned My First $0.20 on Medium

Maybe I am supposed to be a writer - write typed out on paper

Maybe I Was Supposed to Be a Writer?

How do we know we are supposed to write until we are a”writer.” I was conversing on Facebook messenger on Sunday with another content creator here on Medium. The conversation led to writing and being a writer. What I told my friend was about my prior work history. Many years ago, I told her about an incident when visiting California on the coast near Los Angeles. I was in project management in my previous life… Read More »Maybe I Was Supposed to Be a Writer?

My First Story on Medium - Medium Story - The beginning on typewriter

My First Medium Story

Here I go, writing my first Medium story, and eventually, I might get there. I’ve had a Medium account for several years now. Over time, I have loved reading the exciting and thought-provoking publications, series, and stories I find here. I’m not sure what it is about Medium. Perhaps the diversity of the authors and the types of stories? Maybe after a short visit to Medium, I feel like I have learned something about a… Read More »My First Medium Story